KPF Spring Yard Sale – Driveway Only (Streets Added)

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Spring Yard Sale, Saturday, April 29th (Rain date Sunday, April 30)
8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Please fill out the form here

Setup is in driveways only for those who want to participate.

If you would like to participate in this year’s yard sale, please fill out the form HERE. We are asking residents to register in order to have a good idea on how many will be participating. We want to make sure that everyone has their street listed.

The HOA will put out banners prior to the sale advertising the upcoming event. Additionally, the yard sale will be posted on several Facebook pages and on to get the word out. Streets participating will be listed. Each resident will be responsible for posting signs on their specific street corners leading to their home. Please make sure to remove these signs at the end of the sale.

Thank you.
Yard Sale Coordinator
[email protected]


Driveways Participating: (Check back for more streets)

Items you are selling
25278 Diligence Court
Clothes, Tools, Outdoor wall lantern lights, antique sewing machine, books, small table, flower pots, radio w/ speakers and table, mower
25315 Diligence Ct
clothing, housewares
25287 Diligence Ct.
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25413 Jubilant Dr
Household items, toys, furniture, other miscellaneous items
25421 Jubilant Dr
Kids toys, playsets and books, misc housewares, home decor and men's, women and kids items
25303 Supreme dr.
25463 Bright Ct.
Kids clothes, Toys, Furniture
25243 Destination SQ
Clothes, household items
25197 Destinations Sq
Toys, tools, board games, house goods, clothes, shoes
25258 Mastery Pl
Household items and clothing
25235 Mastery Pl
Toys and baby items Computer Parts Kids Clothes Paintings and Frames including Kitchen Sink
25310 Mastery Place
Kids Toys/ Clothes
41809 Eloquence Terrace
Clothes, household goods, furniture
41861 Inspiration Ter
Clothes Baby items Toys
41873 Inspiration Terrace
Speakers, 1960 kitchette set, scale, DVD shelves and misc items
41854 Inspiration Terr
Junior Clothes, Shoes, Baby Clothes Baby Items, Women’s Clothes, Women Shoes 8-10
Creation Terrace
Wedding items, clothes, furniture, shoes, home decor
42083 Cherish Court
Kids Toys, bedspreads, handicrafts, chairs, kids clothes
25579 Laughter Dr
Furniture, clothing, household goods, etc
25583 Laughter Dr
Various items: car tools, picture frames, carpet, books, some electronic items, etc
25242 Curiosity Sq
Household items & toys
25334 Sweetness Ter
Household items, Bike, Toys and misc
25378 Kinsale Pl.
Kids clothes, shoes, toys, women clothes and shoes, household items
25375 Vacation Place
Toys, bikes, household items
25443 Vacation Place
furniture, home decorations, shoes, sports equipment
25447 Vacation Place
Kids items - strollers, toys, etc.
25395 Vacation Place
Wall frames and art Rugs Lawn Care supplies Childrens cloths/toys small furniture, ie coffee tables/side tables
41750 Experience way
furniture, toys, more
25268 Ultimate dr
Furniture, decor, kids stuff
25576 Little Krepps Ct
Miscellaneous electronics, skis, rollerblades, bikes, household goods
25374 Kinsale Pl
Furniture, clothes, household items